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VIC-3D概述 Overview


vic3d_dic_systemVic-3D 9 是一个强大的可视化的应变与运动测量系统。

The VIC-3D 9 system is a powerful turn-key solution for measuring and visualizing full-field, three-dimensional shape, displacement, and strain based on the principle of Digital Image Correlation. Using this method, 3D displacements and strains are available at every point on the specimen’s surface. All systems are customized to your needs, and are available for a wide range of size scales for quasi-static and dynamic events. All systems are turn-key which includes all necessary software, hardware, training, and technical support to ensure the system operates exactly as expected.

Vic-3D 9 是一个完整的交钥匙系统,用于测量三维表面的形状,位移和应变。 Vic-3D包含所有必需的硬件和CSI公司最新的软件。

VIC-3D 9 measures arbitrary displacements down to nanometer resolution (dependent upon the size of the object), and strains from 100 microstrain to 2000% and above are possible with 50 microstrain or better strain resolution.  Specimen sizes ranging from <1mm to >50m are possible, and dynamic events can be captured up to a rate of 5,000,000 fps (frames per second). System setup is simple, and only requires a quick calibration procedure and an applied random speckle pattern. No special illumination or lasers are required and there is no contact with the specimen during testing. In summary…if we can see it, we can measure it.

点击查看系统功能最新更新信息  Click here to see what’s new in the VIC-3D Digital Image Correlation System!

基于数字图像相关原理,Vic-3D 9 可提供形状、位移和应变的全场三维测量。 使用该技术,既可以测量实际的物体移动,也可以在试件表面的每个点上获得拉格朗日应变张量。

Vic-3D 9 provides full-field, 3-Dimensional measurements of shape, displacement and strain, based on the principle of Digital Image Correlation. Using this method, actual object movement is measured and the Lagrangian strain tensor is available at every point on the specimen’s surface.

Vic-3D 9 可以实现从50个微应变到2000%以上的任意应变和位移的测量,试件尺寸从<1mm 到 >10m不等。 设置也很简单,只需要一个快速、灵活的标定过程和一个可用的随机散斑图案,不需要特殊的照明或激光。 且在测试过程中不需要接触试件。

Vic-3D 9 can measure arbitrary displacements and strains from 50 microstrain to 2000% strain and above, for specimen sizes ranging from <1mm to >10m. Setup is simple, requiring only a quick, flexible calibration procedure, and an applied random speckle pattern. No special illumination or lasers are required. And, no specimen contact is required during testing.

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The new iris graphics engine brings a host of new functionality all from within the already versatile VIC-3D software. Some of the exciting new features include:

  • Import finite element data for visualization and comparison to measurement data into new graphics framework – see the video in ‘System Highlights’ section below
  • Display synchronized analog data values alongside data plots
  • Create life-like animations using integrated adaptive motion blurring for fast-moving objects
  • Animate object position, scale, opacity, rotation, and more with an all-new user-friendly interface
  • View speckle images on 3D plots
  • View high-resolution isolines on 2D and 3D plots with scalable fonts
  • Create high-resolution, publication-ready plots in PDF and ultra-high-definition video formats (from 720p to 4K)
  • Create high-quality videos using a multi-threaded rendering engine
  • Edit labels with Unicode support

To learn more about these exciting new features, watch this video presentation from the 2020 SEM International Conference:



System Highlights

我们的 DIC 系统在设计时以用户体验为主要关注点。 它们易于设置、校准和操作。 VIC-3D 系统的一些功能列表如下:

Our DIC systems are designed with the user experience as the primary focus. They are simple to set-up, calibrate, and operate. The list of some of the features of the VIC-3D system are listed below:

  • 使用 VIC-3D 9 比较 FEA 和 DIC 数据: 强大的 VIC-3D 软件的新功能之一是能够快速准确地比较有限元计算和数字图像相关测量。 此更新将为许多领域的工程师建立一个即将必不可少的工作流程。 查看下面的视频,Michael Sutton 博士解释了如何使用 VIC-3D 将 DIC 与 FEA 进行比较。
  • Compare FEA and DIC data using VIC-3D 9: Among the new features of the powerful VIC-3D software is the ability to quickly and accurately compare finite element predictions and digital image correlation measurements. This update will establish a soon-to-be essential workflow for engineers in many fields. Check out the video below by Dr. Michael Sutton explaining how DIC is compared to FEA using VIC-3D.



  • Versatility and Convenience: With our extremely portable VIC systems, data can be collected in a wide range of settings with ease. Results can be processed on-the-spot or data can be exported for analysis in the convenience of your office. Processing can also be done on any Windows PC with flexible floating licenses or network licenses.
  • Software Integration and Ease of Use: The VIC Software Suite is extremely easy to use and provides a user-friendly interface consistent throughout all applications. Powerful tools include report generation, animation creator, copy & paste all graphs and plots, and flexible and complete data export features.
  • Python Scripting with VIC-Py: It is now possible to use the Python programming language in conjunction with the free VIC-Py module which allows users to manipulate DIC data in unique ways to create custom measurements for any application. VIC-Py is ideal for utilizing techniques such as batch processing, background processing, and removal of rotational rigid body motion. Other common uses include obtaining measurements not available by default in VIC-3D. Existing scripts can be found in the VIC-Py script library and custom scripts can be created upon request.
  • Performance and Accuracy: The VIC image correlation algorithms are accurate and extremely fast. In fact, industry-leading real-time processing can be achieved using a modern consumer multi-core processor. Our systems can process up to 500,000 points per second, which is years ahead of the competition. This saves valuable time especially for high-resolution image processing or when processing 1000s of images for vibration analysis.
  • Experience, Knowledge, Technical Support: The Correlated Solutions support team includes engineers with a combined experience of over 100 years. This also includes well-known authors who have developed the technology from the ground up. Our team develops the software, designs hardware components, integrates all hardware, tests all systems to ensure high quality while including the very best technical support from the manufacturer. The Correlated Solutions team has the experience to tackle even the most challenging applications to help get the most out of every VIC-3D system.

VIC-3D add-on modules are available for the following specialized applications:

If you don’t see a system suited to your needs, please contact us and we may be able to develop a customized system. Our experienced Engineering staff will be happy to discuss your application.


System Specifications

VIC-3D turn-key systems include standard resolution (SR), high resolution (HR), extra-high resolution (XR), high-speed (HS), and ultra-high-speed (UHS) imaging devices that will meet all of your testing needs. Various interfaces are available, such as USB 3.0, Firewire, GigE, and CameraLink, with each offering their own specific benefits in terms of resolution, acquisition rate, and triggering capabilities. Resolutions up to 29 MP and frame rates up to 5 MHz are supported with our integrated hardware, which includes our image acquisition software Vic-Snap to allow for easy data acquisition and external data synchronization. Below are the specifications for common VIC-3D systems configurations, but all systems are customized to your applications:

Camera Resolution 1920 x 1200 2448 x 2048 From 12 to 31 MP up to 4 MP 400 x250
Frame Rate* 140 Hz 50 Hz Up to 335 Hz Up to 300 KHz 5 MHz
In-Plane Resolution 0.000005 * FOV 0.000005 * FOV 0.000005 * FOV 0.00001 * FOV 0.00002 * FOV
Out-of-Plane Displacement Resolution 0.00001 * FOV 0.00001 * FOV 0.00001 * FOV 0.00002 * FOV 0.00004 * FOV
Strain Resolution  down to 10 µε  down to 10 µε down to 10 µε down to 10 µε down to 50 µε
Strain Range from 0.005% to >2,000% from 0.005% to >2,000% from 0.005% to >2,000% from 0.005% to >2,000% from 0.010% to >2,000%

*Faster rates available via binning or clipping




VIC-3D应用  /Applications

Please view the interactive flash video below which contains some common VIC-3D applications.

Click here to download the VIC-3D datasheet.