VIC-3D-Micro-DIC 小尺度测量DIC系统



The VIC-3D-Micro-DIC system is used for full-field strain, deformation, and fatigue measurements on small field of view with high resolution (5Mpx) or as 3D Video-Extensometer (up to 500Hz). The measurement principle is digital image correlation based on the world wide established VIC software (VicSnap, Vic-3D and Vic-Gauge). The  3D-Micro-DIC sensor hardware and Vic-software are fusing to a practical high end device for quick and reliable operation in material testing and structural analysis.



技术优势与特征 Advantages and features of  the 3D-Micro-DIC system:

  • 紧凑而刚性的设计,可快速设置且易于操作
  • 系统已预设置,具有固定的视野和固定的标定参数
  • 专门设计用于小型和微型的视场(FOV)测量
  • 可靠且快速的USB 3.0接口,适用于台式机或笔记本电脑
  • 交钥匙解决方案,包含Vic-Snap和Vic-Gauge 3D软件
  • 使用Vic-3D进行稳健而可靠的后处理
  • Compact and rigid design, quick set-up and easy handling
  • Pre-adjusted, fixed field of view and stable calibration
  • Specially designed for small and very small field of view (FOV)
  • Reliable and fast USB 3.0 interface for Desktop or Laptop PCs
  • Turn-key solution including Vic-Snap and Vic-Gauge 3D
  • Robust and reliable post-processing with Vic-3D








技术亮点 Technical highlights of 3D-Micro-DIC

  • 3D全场图像(5Mpx @ 75Hz帧频)可连续记录在固态存储SSD上,单次实验可记录容量为SSD存储余量
  • 通过降低图像传感器分辨率可获得更高帧率
    (例如[Pixel @ Hz]:1600×1200 @ 133; 1920×1080 @ 148; 1280×720 @ 217; 800×600 @ 258; 640×480 @ 315; 320×240 @ 576)
  • 对应视频引伸计功能和实时反馈控制
  • 应变噪声水平±0,001%(±10με),可通过时间平均获得更好噪声水平
  • 根据FOV范围,变形灵敏度可达纳米尺度(1/100像素)
  • 3D full field (5Mpx@75Hz frame rate) continuously recording on SSD
  • Higher framerates at reduced resolution
    (e. g. [Pixel@Hz]: 1600×1200@133; 1920×1080@148; 1280×720@217; 800×600@258; 640×480@315; 320×240@576).
  • suitable for Video-Extensometer functions and real time feedback control
  • Strain noise level of ±0,001% (±10µstrain) and better by time averaging
  • Deformation sensitivity in nm range (1/100 pixel) depending on FOV



可有效测量的空间包络 Available measurement volume versions [mm]

高 height 宽 width 景深 depth
~4.2 3.5 0.25
~8 6 1.2
~16 12 2.8





Data acquisition units (DAQ) for 3D-Micro-DIC

strainograph-daq2- Image synchronised analogue data recording (8x differential mode,16 bit, ±10V)

- 2 x analogue output channels for feedback control (16 bit, ±10V)

- Camera triggering and (optional) phase synchronisation for periodic signals

- Fully integrated and supported by all VIC software modules