VIC-3D数字图像相关测量系统的应用涵盖了从汽车到生物力学等行业,以及从显微镜到大型结构的跨尺度范围。 所有VIC系统都以交钥匙解决方案交付,并可根据您的测量需求进行定制。 我们的系统服务包括所有硬件、软件的技术支持,以及现场安装和设备培训。 我们致力于为用户提供高质量的技术支持和软件升级服务。下面列出了一些最常见的应用并按行业分类 , VIC系统目前在这些领域都正在被使用:

Our Digital Image Correlation VIC systems cover a wide range of applications from automotive to biological, and size scales from microscopy to large structures.  All VIC systems are sold as turn-key solutions, which are customized to your measurement needs.  Our systems include all hardware, software, technical support, onsite installation, and equipment training.  We are dedicated to providing our customers with quality technical support and software upgrades service.  Below is a list of some of the most common applications – sorted by industry – VIC systems are currently being used with to obtain data:

以下为常见的DIC应用行业 Below is a list of common DIC applications by industry.

汽车 Automotive 航空航天 Aerospace (aviation and space flight)
零件测试 Component testing 机翼偏转变形测量 Wing deflection
材料测试 Material testing 机身增压 Fuselage pressurization
拉伸Tensile/压缩compression/屈曲buckling 拉伸Tensile/压缩compression/屈曲buckling
振动分析 Vibration analysis 复材分析 Composite analysis
高速碰撞测试 High-speed crash testing 高速鸟撞试验 High-speed bird strike
复合材料测试 Composite testing 振动分析  Vibration analysis
玻璃/陶瓷测试 Glass/ceramic testing 制动与起落架试验 Brake and landing gear testing
钣金成型 Metal forming 发动机振动频率分析(叶片ODS) Engine vibration frequency analysis (ODS of blades)
热变形分析 Thermal deformation analysis 风洞 Wind tunnel
轮胎测试 Tire testing 冲击测试 Impact testing
制动和悬架试验 Brake and suspension testing 火箭舱段屈曲试验 Rocket buckle testing
印刷电路板测试 PCB testing 轻量化材料测试 Light-weight material testing
  热载荷变形分析 Thermal deformation analysis


生物医疗 Biological 其他工业 Industrial
皮肤和肌肉变形测量 Skin and muscle deformation measurements 石油管道测试 Oil pipeline testing
眼压测量 Eye ball pressurization 风电叶片偏转测试 Wind turbine deflection
肌腱测试Tendon Testing 混凝土,建筑变形试验 Concrete and building deformation testing
静脉变形 Vein deformation (支架 stents) 地震/建筑物分析 Earthquake/building analysis
肿瘤研究 Cancer research 垃圾污染物遏制测试 Contaminated waste containment testing
种植体,矫形器和假肢 Implants, orthotics, & prosthetics  
骨骼测试 Bone testing  


学术 Academic (教育与科研 educational and research) 政府与军事 Government and Military
材料测试 Material testing 弹道测试 Ballistic
Kolsky / hopkinson杆高速试验 Kolsky / hopkinson bar high-speed testing 爆炸 Explosive
轻气炮冲击 Shock tube impact 动态拉伸测试 Dynamic tensile testing
显微镜 Microscopy 防御装甲测试 Defense armor testing
  屏障和路障爆炸测试 Barrier & barricade explosive testing