技术概述 Technology Overview

vic-gauge-ss1Vic-Gauge使用CSI优化的2D和3D相关算法为力学测试提供实时位移和应变数据。 该工具可被视为一组虚拟/光学应变仪:可同时监测多点的数据,并同步载荷的模拟信号进行实时的位移/应变-载荷曲线图绘制。 过程中的每个数据点都可被保存,而全部图像也可被保存并在Vic-2D或Vic-3D中进行全场数据分析处理。

Vic-Gauge uses our optimized 2-D and 3-D correlation algorithms to provide real-time displacement and strain data for mechanical testing. Think of this tool as a set of virtual strain gauges: Data can be retrieved for multiple points and plotted live against analog load inputs. Results are saved for every analyzed point, and full images may be saved for full-field analysis in Vic-2D or Vic-3D.

该系统通过用模拟信号来实时输出测量数据,实现了以完全无损的应变测量方法来驱动和控制试验。 Vic-Gauge™可以测量从50个微应变到5000%以上的任意应变和位移,试件尺寸从小于5mm到大于 5m不等。

Real-time analog output is also available, allowing strain controlled tests with a completely noninvasive strain measurement method. Vic-Gauge™ can measure arbitrary displacements and strains from 50 microstrain to 5000% strain and above, for specimen sizes ranging from <5mm to >5m.


  Vic-Gauge™系统对 HDPE 的实时应变测量  Real-Time strain measurement of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) using the Vic-Gauge™ system.




Because the setup is simple, requiring only a single camera imaging the specimen, the Vic-Gauge™ system can easily be integrated with almost any tensile test frame. No special illumination or lasers are required.


CSI为各种变形和应变测量任务提供完整的交钥匙测量系统。 Vic-3D系统和分析软件在设计时就考虑到用户的需求,确保易于安装和操作。其中的Vic-Gauge™系统功能包括:

We offer complete turn-key measurement systems for a wide range of deformation and strain measurement tasks. Our systems and analysis software are designed with the user in mind and are simple to set-up and operate. Some of the features of our systems include:

  • 白光照明,不需要激光
  • 应变测量不需要标定
  • 使用油漆即可制备试件散斑          
  • 实时数据处理(> 50Hz)
  • 同步采集载荷数据
  • 可输出模拟信号控制加载设备
  • 极高的应变和位移适用范围
  • 试件尺寸从<1mm 至 > 10m皆可用
  • White-light system does not require lasers
  • No calibration required for strain measurement
  • Simple specimen preparation using paint
  • Real-time data processing (> 50Hz)
  • Synchronized load data acquisition
  • Available analog output for machine control
  • Very high strain and displacement limits
  • Sample size <1mm and >10m possible

CSI公司还为要求苛刻的应用提供定制组件的测量系统,包括高温、更高速度以及非常小尺度或超大尺度的试件。 如果您想讨论您的需求,请通过support@acqtec.com与我们联系。

We also provide components as well as custom measurement systems for demanding applications including high temperature, higher speeds, and very small- or large-scale samples. Please contact us at if you would like to discuss your applications.



CSI公司的Vic-Gauge™测量系统广泛用于聚合物、橡胶或生物组织等柔性材料的测试。 该系统能够进行实时应变测量,并且可以与标准拉伸/压缩试验机及控制器连接。 对于高应变率测试,CSI提供每秒可处理100,000个样本的Vic-Gauge系统(通过后处理)。

Our Vic-Gaugesystem is widely used for material testing of compliant materials such as polymers, rubber or biological tissue. The system is capable of real-time strain measurement and can be interfaced with standard tension/compression test frames and controllers. For high strain rate testing, we offer Vic-Gaugesystems capable of 100,000 samples per second (post-processing).