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系统概述 System Overview

The VIC-3D Educational (EDU) System is a low-cost solution developed for academic institutions to assist in teaching the Digital Image Correlation technique to undergraduate and graduate students. The VIC-3D EDU system utilizes the same accurate DIC algorithms found in the powerful VIC-3D software, while allowing users to acquire data quickly and easily. The system features a simplified setup, streamlined image acquisition, and ideal post-processing features. The stereo cameras are mounted inside a protective enclosure, which includes an integrated LED light source, a cooling fan, and an exterior USB & power connectors. The system also includes a tripod, tripod head, speckle roller, ink pad, calibration target, and a convenient carrying case.

This product is the perfect addition to engineering courses such as solid mechanics, measurements, structures, automotive design, aerospace, safety, FEA validation, and many others. Furthermore, the VIC-3D EDU software has the ability to process images acquired from any VIC-3D EDU system, which allows users to share images not only across campus, but also with colleagues at other universities. The system simply requires a computer with one available USB3 port and one available power source. Whether you are teaching students new measurement techniques or validating FEA models, this system will surely enhance the quality of your department’s curriculum. Call us for a quote today!

系统参数 Specifications:

相机分辨率 Camera Resolution 1920 x 1200 (2.3 Megapixels)
采集帧率 Frame Rate 20Hz live, .5Hz acquisition, 100 frames per capture
曝光时间 Exposure Time 19µs – 1s
视场 Field of View 固定视场 Fixed: 150 x 200mm
位移分辨率 Displacement Resolution 面内 In-plane: +/-2µm;  离面 Out-of-plane: +/-4µm
应变分辨率 Strain Measurement Resolution 50µε
应变测量范围 Strain Measurement Range 0.005% to >2000%
教育版授权 VIC-3D EDU Licenses Unlimited
软件功能 Software Features 3D displacements, strains, graphing tools, and much more



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