VIC-3D™ 8 测量系统



技术概述 Technology Overview


vic3d_dic_systemVic-3D 8 是一个强大的用于应变与运动的测量及可视化系统。

Vic-3D 8 is a powerful system for measuring and visualizing both strain and movement.

Vic-3D 8 是一个完整的交钥匙系统,用于测量三维表面的形状,位移和应变。 Vic-3D包含所有必需的硬件和CSI公司最新的软件。

Vic-3D 8 is a complete, turn-key system for measuring the shape, displacement and strain of surfaces in three dimensions. Vic-3D includes all necessary hardware and our most up-to-date software.

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基于数字图像相关原理,Vic-3D 8 可提供形状,位移和应变的全场三维测量。 使用该技术,既可以测量实际的物体移动,也可以在试件表面的每个点上获得拉格朗日应变张量。

Vic-3D 8 provides full-field, 3-Dimensional measurements of shape, displacement and strain, based on the principle of Digital Image Correlation. Using this method, actual object movement is measured and the Lagrangian strain tensor is available at every point on the specimen’s surface.

Vic-3D 8 可以实现从50个微应变到2000%以上的任意应变和位移的测量,试件尺寸从<1mm到> 10m不等。 设置也很简单,只需要一个快速,灵活的标定过程和一个可用的随机散斑图案,不需要特殊的照明或激光。 且在测试过程中不需要接触试件。

Vic-3D 8 can measure arbitrary displacements and strains from 50 microstrain to 2000% strain and above, for specimen sizes ranging from <1mm to >10m. Setup is simple, requiring only a quick, flexible calibration procedure, and an applied random speckle pattern. No special illumination or lasers are required. And, no specimen contact is required during testing.

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VIC-3D应用  /Applications

Please view the interactive flash video below which contains some common VIC-3D applications.


系统特性 System Features


我们的系统和分析软件在开发时就充分考虑到用户的需求,使其易于设置,校准和操作。 我们系统的一些功能包括:

Our systems and analysis software are designed with the user in mind and are simple to set-up, calibrate and operate. Some of the features of our systems include:

  • 多功能性和便利性:利用我们极其便携的Vic系统,数据可通过多种设置轻松收集。 结果既可以在实验现场处理,也可以在办公室环境方便的时候导出进行分析,并且可以灵活的在任何具有浮动许可证的Windows PC上完成处理。
  • Versatility and Convenience: With our extremely portable Vic systems, data can be collected in a wide range of settings with ease. Results can be processed on-the-spot, or data can be exported for analysis in the convenience of your office. And, processing can be done on any Windows PC with flexible floating licenses.cameras_mount
  • 软件集成和易用性:Vic软件系列非常易于使用,该系列软件包含的应用程序具有一致的用户界面。 我们的软件包含强大的可视化工具,您可以将所有图形和图表直接复制和粘贴到您最熟悉和喜爱的软件中以生成报告。
  • Software Integration and Ease of Use: The Vic software family is extremely easy to use, and provides a user interface consistent with all the other applications you use. Our software includes powerful tools for visualization. And, you can copy and paste all graphs and plots directly into your favorite software to generate reports.
  • 高性能和准确度:Vic图像相关算法精确且速度极快。 实际上,即使是全场数据的实时处理也可以在当前的消费级四核处理器上实现。 这为您节省宝贵的时间与计算处理成本,并确保可靠的结果。
  • Performance and Accuracy: The Vic image correlation algorithms are accurate and extremely fast. In fact, real-time processing can be achieved using a modern, consumer, quad-core processor. This saves you valuable time, and ensures reliable results.
  • 经验、知识、及技术支持:CSI公司的开发工程团队包括DIC技术的发明人员在内,共同参与编写软件、构建系统并提供所有技术支持。 CSI公司具有全世界最完备的应用经验来处理最具挑战性的实验应用,并帮助用户充分利用其系统。
  • Experience, Knowledge, Technical Support: The Correlated Solutions engineering team includes the people who invented image correlation. We write the software, build the systems and provide all the technical support. We have the experience to tackle the most challenging applications, and help you get the most out of your system.

CSI公司为特殊应用提供的附加模块还包括 Correlated Solutions offers add-on modules for the following, specialized applications:

CSI公司还提供开发定制系统。 所以,如果您没有看到适合您需求的系统,请与我们联系。 我们经验丰富的工程设计人员将会很乐意讨论您的应用。

We can also develop customized systems. So, if you don’t see a system suited to your needs, please contact us. Our experienced Engineering staff will be happy to discuss your application.

系统参数 System Specifications


Below are the specifications for common VIC-3D systems configurations:



From 2 to 5M From 5 to 12M From 11 to 29MP up to 4MP 400 x250 | 924 x 768


150 Hz 75Hz Up To 7.5 Hz up to 300 KHz (reduced resolution) 5 MHz / 10MHz | 5 MHz


0.000005 * FOV 0.000005 * FOV 0.000005 * FOV 0.00001 * FOV 0.00002 * FOV


0.00001 * FOV 0.00001 * FOV 0.00001 * FOV 0.00002 * FOV 0.00004 * FOV


down to 10 µε down to 10 µε down to 10 µε down to 10 µε down to 50 µε


from 0.005% to >2,000% from 0.005% to >2,000% from 0.005% to >2,000% from 0.005% to >2,000% from 0.010% to >2,000%

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